Style & Size

You may be hesitant to purchase a pair of sunglasses online and wondering if the style or size is right for you. Rest assured we've thought about this problem and so we've invited several of our friends to model our designs throughout our website so you can see how they look on different people. 

Style & Size

Our main style design of Lani Shades is the Eddie style, named in honor of the legendary big wave surfer Eddie Aikau who gave his life trying to save the voyaging canoe Hokule'a off the coast of Molokai in 1978. The Eddie style of sunglasses is a classic style designed for both men and women. The Eddie Style is an original version of the most popular style that you see many people wear. We love the Eddie Style because not only is it sized for a range of head/ face shapes, it's also perfect for everyday casual or dressing up and looks great on everyone.

Bryan Eddie style & size
Nicole Eddie style & Size

Eddie Style & Size

If you want more of a round lens look, the Moana style, named in honor of the great Pacific Ocean is another classic style designed for both men and women. This style could fit a range of head/ face shapes but typically people with narrower or smaller faces pick this style. We love the Moana Style so much that we brought it back from the original zebra wood experiment from our early days and reintroduced it in black and brown bamboo. 

Moana style & size

Moana Style & Size

While it makes the most business sense to offer mostly unisex styles, there was overwhelming demand (from the ladies in our lives) to offer a few designs that were more "feminine." We thought that if we're going to take that kind of risk it better be good so we picked the Waimea style, inspired by the majestic waves of Waimea Bay on Oahu's North Shore. While anyone can wear this style, it really speaks to people who are looking for something truly elegant. It turned out to be such a hit that we re-ordered the Waimea Style in black and brown bamboo. 

Waimea style & size

Waimea Style & Size

And then we got a little crazy. While looking for the perfect Waimea design, we realized that the waves can get so big sometimes that you want to just stay onshore and maybe just chill in town instead. For that we have the Kahala style, named after a neighborhood on the south shore of Oahu, as far from Waimea as you can get. The Kahala style fits a range of head sizes and has been described as a "cat eye" style for those who just want to be different.

Kahala style & size 

Kahala Style & Size

Do Lani Shades styles come in different sizes or is there a kids size? Currently we only offer one size for each of our designs that we have determined actually fits most adult size faces. We are working on a smaller "kid sized" version of the Eddie style and should have this out soon. Even if you think you have a bigger head, you probably don't need bigger size sunglasses as Lani Shades stainless steel spring hinges adjust very comfortably to accommodate different size heads. Don't worry you'll look great! 

Stainless steel spring hinges

The photos on our website should give you a good idea of how our style looks on different people. Of course if you're not sure and you buy it and you're not satisfied for any reason, no problem just send it back within 60 days with our no hassle guarantee!