Lani Hui

Lani Hui - Meet the Crew | Who Wears Lani Shades?

 Lani Shades was launched out of Sail Hawaii, our sailing school based in Honolulu. Some of the original Lani Hui are our sailing crew and hiking buddies on Oahu. Meet just a few of our friends here...

Lani Hui Meet the Crew

Lani Hui Michelle
Michelle is an offshore sailor, Sail Hawaii crew and fitness coach. Follow her on IG @michelles_crazy_fitish_life
Ryan is a firefighter, boat Captain, waterman and an awesome musician. Follow him on IG @captainaloha808
Lani Hui Ryan
Lani Hui Nicole
Nicole is an adventurer, manages a nice building in Honolulu and Sail Hawaii crew Follow her on IG @nsp920   
Bryan is an Army helicopter pilot, boat Captain and fights tiger sharks with a spear for his dinner. Follow him on IG @flyinhigh842
Lani Hui Bryan
Lani Hui Joy

Joy is an awesome, talented musician, a sailor, a teacher and has an unbelievable green thumb! Follow her in IG @joypye4170

Britt and Kevin are inspiring the next generation of marine conservationists. Check out their nonprofit: @thenextswell
Lani Hui Britt and Kevin
Lani Hui Daniel
 Daniel is an adventurer, amazing photographer and content creator, check out out his IG @daniel_keating
Miranda is a world traveller, amazing photographer and content creator, check out her IG @mirandatillinghast Miranda Lani Hui
Nash in the jungle Nash is a an adventurer, an amazing photographer and content creator. Check out his IG @nashhagen
Camille is an amazing artist and makes beautiful jewelry. Check out her IG @camillecarnevale Camille on Gemini
Greg and crew Captain Greg is the man behind the madness (and behind that madness: Milton, Andrea and Zach) Follow him on IG & YouTube @SailWithGreg 


Partners | Affiliates | Ambassadors

Would you like to join the Lani Hui and help us write and tell the story about Lani Shades? We're looking for individuals and organizations that share our vision and want to collaborate or represent our brand as ambassadors to help us get the word out. If you're interested please contact us / send us an email at or connect with us on Instagram @lanishades. 

Lani Hui - Meet the Crew