Kuleana Means Responsibility in Hawaiian Language

Kuleana means responsibility in Hawaiian language. Lani Shades was founded on the core principle of responsibility to the 'aina (our land) and our ohana - our extended family - which really means everyone. In plain terms we believe that means as a company we should not be in business unless our core value is to respect and serve the greater good- the environment and society.

Lani Shades is committed to protecting your eyes and making you look good without trashing the beach. Many companies claim to care about the environment but we put our money where our mouth is and hold our supply chain partners to the same high standards even when the end customers aren't looking. Early on we found that there was a demand for less sustainable wood types. We now only choose wood types - mostly bamboo - because it is the most sustainable. 

We also know that despite our concerns, the production of Lani Shades still leaves a footprint on Mother Earth so we're also committed to supporting global reforestation projects through One Tree Planted. Wood sunglasses require cutting down trees so to help offset that One Tree Planted ensures that each sale plants one tree in forests around the world that are being cut down for the lumber and agricultural industries.

Kuleana Means Responsibility in the Hawaiian Language

Lani Shades lenses are made of Tri-acetate Cellulose (TAC), which is a high grade optical film that is organic in nature (essentially made of cotton sourced from the USA) but the thin polarization layer is made of a water soluble food grade polymer that could be considered plastic. We don't really want that ending up as waste on the beach so with the Lani Shades Lens Exchange Promise, when your sunglasses reach the end of their life, please send them back to us! We'll repurpose or upcycle them into something cool and you'll receive a 25% discount on your next pair of Lani Shades.

Kuleana Means Responsibility in Hawaiian Language