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      Seeing is believing: Lani Tech Lenses

      The exceptional quality and optical characteristics of Lani Tech lenses make Lani Shades the clear choice. All Lani Shades sunglasses feature high quality UV400 polarized lightweight, scratch and impact resistant, 9 layer TAC lenses. But what does this mean?

      All sunglasses brands generally use lenses that are one of four types: Glass, polycarbonate, nylon or TAC. Glass is used by some brands since glass is scratch resistant and thought to offer the clearest optics, however glass is generally heavier and can break. Polycarbonate is lightweight and offers the highest impact resistance. Nylon lenses are what you would find in low end disposable sunglasses.

      TAC (Triacetate Cellulose) lenses are made of an organic polymer film that is commonly used in specialized photographic processes. The methods used to make optical lenses out of this material have become quite advanced. The optical quality of modern TAC lenses is comparable to glass, while the impact resistance is comparable to polycarbonate, making TAC lenses a great compromise between glass and polycarbonate. TAC lenses are the most common sunglasses lens material nowadays, used by mid to high end brands and you will find other brands using the same lenses that come from the same expert manufacturers. TAC looks and feels like regular plastic, but make no mistake it is actually made of layers of specialized film that perform a function to give you the best optical experience when looking through the lens.

      What makes Lani Tech lenses unique is that our expert lens factory uses a special 9 layer process in the making of our lenses. All Lani Shades lenses are polarized so the core of the lens is a polarizing layer that cuts out glare so you can see the dolphins riding below your bow waves. The distortion free TAC film goes over that in two layers, followed by two layers of UV protective film that cuts out 99% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun of up to 400 nanometers. The next two layers cut out reflection and add additional strength and it's finished off with a double layer of protective anti-scratch film because it's a real bummer when your sunglasses get scratched. 

      Lani Tech 9 Layer TAC lenses

      Polarization: what is it and why is it important? 

      Many sunglasses are polarized. This means that a layer of film is added to the lens to only allow vertically oriented light to enter the lens, cutting out horizontally oriented light which causes glare on the surface of the water and wet roads. Many people prefer polarized lenses, especially boaters and drivers. It greatly enhances your ability to see objects on the water which is important if you're trying to look at the water in the direction of the sun or make out objects below the water's surface. It's also very useful if you're driving in Hawaii in the liquid sunshine. 

      View the world through Lani lenses in two colors
      Crisp Gray Brilliant Blue

      Crisp Gray

      Medium light reduction & sharp contrast

       Brilliant Blue

      Medium light reduction & color enhancement

       Both lens colors are excellent for everyday use in most lighting conditions. 

      Select styles of Lani Shades come with four choices of lens coatings.

      Mist / Crisp Gray Sunset / Brilliant Blue Ocean / Crisp Gray Forest / Brilliant Blue


      All Lani Shades Lani Tech lenses meet or exceed ANSI Z80.3-2018 standards for UV and visible light transmittance, United States FDA standard 21 CFR 801.410 for impact resistance and European EN 12312-1 standards for CE compliance.