Why Wood

Choose wood for style and character. Wood is durable, light weight and the wood we use naturally floats. Wood is a beautiful material for making sunglasses frames and if you drop them overboard that's a little bit less plastic on the beach. 

Lani Shades is made of three collections: Lani Nui kino wood, Lani Kai layered skateboard wood and Lani Ohe bamboo wood. Each wood material is unique in it's characteristics but each make a fine material for beautiful eyewear. Kino wood (pterocarpus) is a tropical hardwood that is grown around the world. It is dark with unique beautiful grain and naturally floats. Bamboo is strong, light weight and fast growing making it the most sustainably grown wood. Skateboard wood is a unique layering process that gives it extra strength and style.

All our wood frames are professionally and carefully handmade by the best wood craftsmen in the world in Wenzhou, China. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure the highest quality and the most sustainable, responsible manufacturing and distribution process that minimizes single use plastic.