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Lani Shades Wood Sunglasses

Your New Favorite Sunglasses for Sailing... Are Made of Wood

Sailors need the best quality UV400 polarized eye protection for looking up at the sun to trim their sails and at the sun's glare on the water to watch for reefs. Sailing in the bright Hawaiian sun, the crew of Sail Hawaii had tried them all and lost more than a few expensive pairs overboard.

Sunglasses for Sailors Lani Shades Hawaii

Lani Shades Hawaii was founded in 2019 by ASA Instructor Captain Greg Martin in the search for the perfect sunglasses for sailing. There's no shortage of floating sunglasses on the market but that doesn't matter if they float away to add to the growing problem of plastic pollution in the ocean and beaches that we love. All the other floating "sunglasses for boaters" are made of plastic, but you know what else floats? Wood. Why not make sunglasses out of wood? Bamboo, in particular is very strong, lightweight and most sustainable. Bamboo and wood sunglasses frames are treated with a natural coating to protect from moisture and all Lani Shades designs pass a field and float test by the crew of Sail Hawaii.

Select styles of Lani Shades bamboo and wood sunglasses frames are durably and stylishly dyed black, brown or blue and made into comfortable stylish designs for men and women that you'll want to wear for everyday use on land or at sea. Highest quality UV400 polarized scratch resistant Lani TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses provide superior optical characteristics. Lani Shades wood sunglasses frames feature the highest quality stainless steel spring hinges that adjust for comfort and fit to stay on just right when the wind picks up.

Popular styles from the Bamboo Eddie Collection


Camille sailing aboard Gemini

We care about the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean but we also don't want to cut down all the trees either making wood sunglasses so Lani Shades plants a tree for every sale through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

One Tree Planted

You don't want to lose your favorite pair of sunglasses overboard so in addition to your special ASA member's discount, Lani Shades is also including a free sunglasses keep cord for every purchase made by ASA members. If you somehow lose your sunglasses overboard wouldn't you rather see bamboo floating away in the ocean rather than more plastic?