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      The Hawaiian islands are a special place that was first discovered by sailors ~ and so it all started while sailing around the Hawaiian islands...

      Lani Shades was born and is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Clean beaches are very important to us. Looking at the waves and walking along the beach, it's heartbreaking to see so much plastic trash that ends up choking sea life and ultimately ourselves. So when that last pair of plastic sunglasses fell overboard and sank below the waves, the motivation to be part of the solution, not the problem was envisioned. What really started out as a quest to find the perfect pair of sunglasses to wear out on the water turned into a mission to make the highest quality stylish eyewear for everyone.

      In Hawaii, the word Kuleana is a powerful and important word. It means we have a responsibility to the 'aina (our land) and our ohana (our extended family- which really means everyone). In everyday terms we believe that this means that as a company we shouldn't be in business unless our core value is to respect and serve the greater good- the environment and society. 

      Lani Shades is committed to protecting your eyes and making you look good without trashing the beach. Wood sunglasses are a little bit less plastic on the beach and the frames naturally break down in nature if you lose them overboard. However, we know that Lani Shades still leaves a footprint so we're also committed to supporting global reforestation projects through One Tree Planted. One dollar plants one tree in forests around the world that are being cut down for the lumber and agricultural industries. 

      At the present, plastic still makes the most practical material for optical lenses. However, Lani Shades is also committed to keeping your lenses out of turtle's stomachs so when your sunglasses reach the end of their life, please send them back to us. We'll repurpose or upcycle them into something cool and you'll receive a 20% discount on your next pair of Lani Shades.