Aloha Lani Shades Partners!

Thank you for joining our Ohana and helping us to bring high quality, stylish, functional and eco-conscious eyewear to market. This page explains our brand and general terms for wholesale and consignment partnerships with Lani Shades Hawaii.

About the Lani Shades brand

Lani Shades Hawaii LLC (Lani Shades) is a sunglasses brand that is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. We launched in June 2019 as a product venture from our American Sailing Association (ASA) affiliated sailing school, Sail Hawaii International LLC (Sail Hawaii). The crew of Sail Hawaii always needed the best quality sunglasses for sailing and weren't happy with what was available on the market so we started our own brand. Sunglasses for sailors need to have the best quality UV400 polarized scratch resistant lenses. They should also float if they fall overboard. There are several brands of sunglasses on the market that meet these two criteria, however here in Hawaii we are also very conscious of the increasing threat of plastic pollution in the ocean. If your sunglasses fall overboard but they float away, you don't want to contribute to the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean.

About Lani Shades products

Lani Shades wood sunglasses feature the highest quality UV400 polarized scratch resistant TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) Lani Tech lenses. The lenses feature nine layers of high quality optical film that produces a very high optical quality with color enhancement in a lens that is impact resistant and holds up to the marine environment. Select styles have either Classic Mist (grey), Ocean Blue, or Emerald Green coating on the lens. Lani Shades feature durable and lightweight handmade frames made of bamboo, kino (kosso) or skateboard style wood that are stylish and comfortable classic unisex style. The frames are made with high quality stainless steel spring hinges for comfort and fit and adjust comfortably to fit most head sizes.  

Lani Shades wood frames naturally float because the frames are made of wood. We believe this is a significant selling point of our product. Lani Shades is not the only brand of wood sunglasses on the market but currently we are one of the only ones that point out the fact that wood sunglasses frames are naturally buoyant. We've float tested all of our designs in the field and found that the Lani Shades Lani Ohe bamboo collection, "Eddie" design (all of our current designs) is especially reliably buoyant. The Lani Kai skateboard wood collection is also buoyant but because the wood composition is denser, it floats lower in the water. The Lani Nui Kino wood collection is also generally buoyant but it depends on the unique wood grain so we don't recommend this as a selling point for the Lani Nui collection. The Lani Ohe bamboo collection is our core collection that we market specifically to people who spend time around the water and is our primary collection that we offer to our retail partners. At a suggested retail price of $79, this is a great value to customers and they sell very well at this price through our online store, at outdoor markets on Oahu and through the Sail Hawaii store. All Lani Shades come with a sturdy bamboo tube case, microfiber cleaning cloth and pouch, come with a company 90 day return policy and we pledge to plant a tree for each unit sold through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

Partnership Terms

Lani Shades is available for wholesale and consignment partnerships with retail stores. Consignment is a low risk arrangement where both Lani Shades and the retailer agree to display the product in their store and split the sales revenue 50/50. Lani Shades owns the inventory and the display stand and the retailer is responsible for loss of any merchandise. Wholesale presents an opportunity for the retailer to earn more profit from sales by purchasing a minimum order quantity (MOQ) at a price that is less than 50% of retail price.

We offer a base wholesale price, as listed on this wholesale website. MOQ can be any combination of styles. Prices listed on the Lani Shades wholesale website are for MOQ 20 - 49. For higher MOQ, please use check out code MOQ50 for 5% discount for MOQ 50 - 74 and MOQ75 for 10% discount for MOQ 75 - 99 above. Please contact us if you want to place an order for more than 100. All merchandise is carefully inspected, packed and shipped from Honolulu, Hawaii within two business days from when you place your order. We can ship USPS, FedEx or UPS as you specify. Prices do not include shipping, however for any orders on Oahu, shipping is free and delivered same day by the company owner, inventory dependent.

About Lani Shades Company Ownership 

Lani Shades Hawaii LLC is wholly owned by Gregory Martin. The product is designed in Hawaii and expertly manufactured by our partner in China. Each product is received, inspected and shipped from our office in Honolulu Hawaii. Lani Shades is committed to building and promoting the brand through all digital and physical means and independently collaborates with compatible brands and companies. We are proud to be featured and promoted by ASA