Good morning sunrise on the beach!

Lani Kai Beach
Lani Kai Beach on the island of Oahu is one of our favorite places in the world. You know you're on Lani Kai when you see the twin islands, "the Mokes" and your cares ease away... The word Lani is Hawaiian for sky or heaven. Kai means ocean so Lani Kai is where the sky meets the ocean or the ocean is heavenly, or the sky is like the ocean or vice versa. Either way we love both the sky and the ocean and we spend time looking at both, especially when the bright Hawaiian sky is reflected on the beautiful Hawaiian ocean so we thought it would be appropriate to name our sunglasses Lani Shades. You can also just call them "Lani's"... Someday people will just call all sunglasses "Lani's"... catchy isn't it?  

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