Sunglasses for sailors!

Sail Hawaii ohana

Sunglasses for sailors ⛵️ Lani Shades handcrafted wood sunglasses are light and strong, feature scratch resistant UV polarized lenses and since they're made of wood they naturally float! ~~~ Lani Shades was born out of the search for the perfect sunglasses to wear when you're sailing. Sailors are always looking up at the sails with the sun in their eyes so they need good sunglasses. Preferably they should be scratch resistant polarized lenses so you can see through the glare of the water and the salt spray doesn't ruin your lenses. They should also float so when you go swimming you don't lose them but if they do fall overboard and float away they shouldn't be plastic because plastic in the ocean is a real problem. W couldn't find any good sunglasses that we liked that met all these requirements so we started our own brand out of Sail Hawaii, our sailing school in Hawaii. In this photo, Captain Greg is sailing with Sail Hawaii crew Michelle around the beautiful waters between Maui and Lanai aboard our classic cruising boat Gemini. Join the crew!

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